Welcome to The Endpin

Being a musician isn't as simple as playing correct notes. The constellation of activities that surround music making come with their own unique challenges and problems.

I love solving problems.

I started The Endpin as a resource that provides pragmatic tips, proposes interesting solutions to obstacles, and, most importantly, is written from the perspective of a practicing artist.

For the many different activities we creatives find ourselves thrust into, we need support through information and ideas. By sharing what I’ve learned, I hope your musical life will be slightly easier, fraught with fewer difficulties, or at least a little more interesting.

Meet the Author

Jennifer Bewerse is a cellist born to a Jr. High Guidance Counselor and a Space Engineer. The particular skills she inherited from her parents managed to combine in a way that seems well suited to tackling the technical and emotional challenges of contemporary classical music making. When she's not playing strange sounds around the country, she specializes in taking adorable photos of her cats.

To find a more serious account of Jennifer's Career, visit her website at www.jenniferbewerse.com

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