Journaling for Musicians

Growing up, I was never a person who could maintain a journal. I still have the one I attempted; I got about four entries in, each of which I printed out on my dot printer - the kind you had to rip the edges off of - and taped in using my Lisa Frank tape (I was super cool).

I never really understood what was so great about journaling.

Journaling Title

This year I think I finally got it.

Journaling isn't about recording your best ideas, it's about capturing all of your ideas and getting them out of your head so you have room for new ones. When you're stuck, journals become idea machines, not just for the ideas you've already written down, but for the new ideas the old ones inspire. It's kind of magical.

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have" - Maya Angelou


I use my journal to list out concert ideas, blog ideas, things I want to do online, and notes on music in general. It's all very messy and I try not to worry about whether anything I write is worth recording.


To keep myself organized, I hole-punch a specific line of my book to coordinate with its subject, then color the edge with the coordinating color. (TIP: If you make your own hole-punch index system, do it in reverse of the above. Punch holes in all of the lines EXCEPT the coordinating subject. You'll end up with little colored tabs instead of colored holes. Live and learn.)


Now, my journal goes everywhere with me and I credit it with a great deal of the surge in creative energies I've been feeling over the past several months. Highly recommend.

Any other music journalers out there?


  1. I'm going to start journaling again soon :)

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