Liveness: Cello Recital

I'm very excited to present my second of three Doctoral recitals at the University of California San Diego this January 28th at 8PM in the Conrad Prebys Music Center Concert Hall!

For me, performances are a very special opportunity to share music I love and provide a space for ideas to flourish. In this concert I'm confronting a question many of us music lovers take for granted: is live performance essential?

This recital offers five pieces and their various answers to this question. Focusing on the very physical nature of sound and its expression in space, the full realizations of these works are only available in the moments they are exchanged between the performer and audience. A case for live performance is made not with the risk of failure or presentation of the performer as hero, but with compositional ideas that live fully only within the moment of performance.

Burn Again with a Low Blue Flame - Annie Gosfield
Vessel - Caroline Miller
Durations 2 - Morton Feldman
The New Right of Spring - Pauline Oliveros
Charles Curtis - Alvin Lucier

My hope is the weird and wonderful music you'll hear at my recital will not only provide you with an exciting musical experience, but carry on after the music has stopped through interesting conversation and thought.

Yours in musical excitement and anticipation,

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