Practice Studio Tour

I'm the kind of musician who thrives when I have a nice practice space. Natural light, a nice sounding room, privacy - I feel so grateful that I'm able to practice at home in my current apartment.

It's not always possibly to access a bright and beautiful practice space, but as a cellist, a few key features in my practice space make all the difference.

First and foremost is my Cello T. Making a Cello T is extremely easy, inexpensive, and a far better solution than a rock stop or chair strap if you need to protect floors from your endpin. Using a Cello T means no slipping, and it's infinitely adjustable in all directions.

Next is a set of nice speakers I can connect to my laptop. There're not as nice as speakers I would ever use for performance, but I can use them for drone practicing or to practice any music for cello and electronics. Let's be honest, having them easily accessible means I actually do those kinds of practicing consistently!

The tiniest, and possibly most simple, luxury is a little magazine caddy I use to store any music I'm not working on immediately. It keeps my music stand nice and clear and helps me organize for upcoming concerts. A little jar for pencils means I'm never hunting for one during a practice session.

Rather than fight little inconveniences, it's so rewarding to take the time to set up a space that makes practicing as easy as possible.

If you have any must-have practice set-up tips (for any instrument) do tell! Share them in the comments below!

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